Judas and the Love of Money

Judas followed Jesus for three years. He heard His message and saw it put into practice. Love God and people more than yourself. Help the needy even to the point of sacrifice.

Returning to Jesus

I had a friend once who had lived a violent life. He came to a point before I met him where he had called out to God for help in desperation and had became a born again Christian.

Hitting a Wall

Recently I have been hitting a lot of walls. I push myself forward and find that none of my plans work out. Some goals that once seemed doable now seem unending and exhausting.

Agreeing with God

Imagine being able to look back at your life and fix your biggest mistakes. Better yet, imagine being able to see the outcome of every set of choices that you could have made and being able to pick the best ones.

Detachment in Interstellar

In Interstellar, Cooper puts duty above all. He is willing to leave his family to do what is best for them and the world.

Reality Has a Shape

Reality exists. It has a definite shape. We can not change it. We can affect the world around us to the extent that reality allows us but we can not break through the walls that reality sets as unbreakable.