Daniel Petersen

I am a Web developer from Victoria, BC with experience
in front end design, backend development, user authentication,
API Integration and graphic design. I specialize in highly optimized
and secure web applications that provide user friendly
functionality for businesses.

Experience with PHP, Laravel, WordPress, React, Vue, ES6
Webpack, SASS, SVG and much more...
I am a Web developer from Victoria, BC
with experience in front end design,
backend development, user authentication,
API Integration, graphic design
and much more.

I have been programming and developing websites for over 5 years. I am a continual learner and I always strive to deliver for my clients and employers. My focus is on back end development but I also enjoy working on front end designs. I currently live in Victoria, BC and work for Blockstream as a Junior Web Developer.


  • Multiple completed projects using PHP, Laravel, React, Vue, Sass etc
  • Implemented authentication systems with user profiles, facebook SDK Integration, Google Maps API integration, File upload and management systems, Payment systems: (Moneris, Paysimple, Stripe), etc.
  • Frontend experience with Javascript and CSS frameworks like Bootstrap 4, Foundation and Bulma
  • Database experience using MySql and ORM's
  • Solid safety practices that protect against SQL injection, cross-site scripting and password theft

Web Development

Mathpro is a React app that lets users calcalate the geometric properties of different shapes. The user can select which properties to use as inputs and the app outputs the rest. Mathpro manages tens of thousands of calculations and generates dynamic calculators for each shape.

Mathpro's calcalations were converted to workable javascript formulas using Regex from excel spreadsheets that were part of an earlier project. The backend uses Laravel to manage the user authentication system.


My most recent project for a client is MyShedRental. This portal allows dealers to rent sheds to clients on MyShedRental's behalf. MyShedRental is able to create accounts for dealers who are then able to create customers and shed rental contracts. Most of the site is locked behind a login but the price calculator was left public.

MyShedRental integrates multiple API's like Stripe for credit card payments, Paysimple for debit card payments and RightSigniture for digital contracts.

The authentication is built on laravels authentication system and protects against SQL injection, cross site scripting and saves passwords as bcrypt hashes so passwords are never saved as plain text.

Image Splitter

My latest personal project is Image Splitter which lets a user mirror and manipulate uploaded images. A demo video can be seen here.

Map Generator

The Map Generator is an app the lets users create maps for others to view.It is a Vue component and uses Bootstrap 4 for styling.

SVG Animations

SVG Animations are a nice creative touch for a website. The images are from Pixabay and converted into simplified SVG paths using Inkscape. CSS animations are then added for the drawing affect. See a site example here.

Web Games and Apps

Programming Web Games with Unity3D and C# gave me the opportunity to dive deeper into programming and to learn better practices. I was also able to get a lot of feed back on how to create better user interfaces and user experiences.


Ellipse lets you play with shapes and patterns and animate them. It has many features like a 3D mode and a kaleidoscope mode. You can try Ellipse here.

Shape Clicker

Shape Clicker is an idle/clicker game. You can try Shape Clicker here.