Daniel Petersen

I am a Web/Mobile developer from Nanaimo BC with experience in
front end design, backend development, user authentication, API Integration,
graphic design, game development and much more.

I use PHP, Java, C#, MySql, JS/JQuery, Vue, Html/CSS, Laravel, GIT, Linux, Apache, Regex, etc.

I have been developing websites and programming mobile apps for over 5 years. I have experience in full site design, back end and front end, adding functionality to existing sites, frameworks, API's, game development and image/movie editing. I live in beautiful Nanaimo, BC and I am available for freelance work or employment.

  • Developed database driven web apps using PHP, Laravel sites, WordPress sites and simple static sites
  • Implemented authentication systems with user profiles, facebook SDK Integration, Google Maps API integration, File upload and management systems, Payment systems (Moneris), etc.
  • Experience with PHP, Java, C#, MySql, HTML/CSS/JS, JQuery, Vue, Laravel, WordPress, GIT, Linux, Apache, Regex, etc.
  • Experience with Sublime, Android Studio, Eclipse, Unity3D, Git, Apache, Regex, Blender, etc
  • 9 apps on Google Play (mostly games)
  • Created 3D videos for use with Oculus Rift and Google Cardboard
  • Plenty of experience editing video, creating simple or animated logos and 3D rendering

Web Development


Mathpro lets users calcalate the properties of different shapes. The shapes can have hundreds of calculations which are fed through PHP which generates a VUE object based on how the shape properties are related. The site handles NAN errors and also allows for different combinations of input values as can be seen here.

Idioms By Kids

Idioms By Kids was my first full site. It was done for a client that wanted to automate a lot of the workload he he had in maintaining an older site. The site allows people to upload images of drawings that were made by children of the literal meaning of idioms.

Games For Your Mind

Games For Your Mind is a site I use to host my games and creative projects like Ellipse. It is a simple static site.

Android Apps

I began programming through game development. I started with Android apps using Java and Eclipse as a development environment. This was a great way to learn Object Oriented Programming and I was presented with many challenging obstacles that allowed me to find creative solutions.

Ellipse is a simple app that allows the user to play with shapes and create animated patterns. It can be played as an Android app or in a browser here. Choose Web GL if you are using Chrome.

Spider Swarm is my most successful game with about 100,000. The code is raw Java and is relatively fast on older devices compared to if I had used a game engine like Unity. The game is no longer publicly listed but can still be visited with the image link.

Time Trap is more ambitious project but failed to be as entertaining as I had wanted. The animations were the best part but the game play ended up being a bit monotonous. I would still like to rework the game mechanics of this game and make a nice puzzler.

Fuzz Ball is a simple memory game with a fun character.

Swap is a challenging puzzle game.

Squared is the first game I programmed. It is a challenging puzzle game.


I also enjoy editing videos and doing 3D Rendering. I created the music using Music Maker. View my channel here.

Web Games and Apps

Programming Web Games with Unity3D and C# gave me the oportunity to work with new constructs like anonamous functions or delagates. Working in a structured environment like this let me focus on the game design and mechanics instead of more mundane tasks. It also allowed me to export the games to multiple formats like Android, Web GL and the Unity Player.

Ellipse lets you play with shapes and patterns and animate them. It has many features like a 3D mode and a kaleidoscope mode. You can try Ellipse here. Choose Web GL if you are using Chrome.

Shape Clicker is an idle/clicker game. You can try Shape Clicker here. Choose Web GL if you are using Chrome.